Hacked Skype App For Android Lets You Make Calls Over 3G

Didn’t we see this coming? Earlier this week, popular VoIP communications service, Skype announced their new app for the Android platform that will let users make VoIP calls to their friends for free from their mobile phones. While the application enabled users to make calls via 3G as well as Wi-Fi across the world, the VoIP over 3G functionality was blocked in the USA to the disappointment of many.

However,a newly hacked version of the Skype app now makes it possible for American users to make Skype calls over their 3G network. This is thanks to the popular Android developer nicknamed Xeudoxus who is famous for the Dark Edge Android UI. Xeudoxus has now released a tweaked version of the Skype Android app that removes the restrictions placed on the official app. What’s impressive is that this hacked version does not require users to root their Android phones and can be downloaded straightaway by clicking this link.

Like this tweak? Don’t forget to make a donation to Xeudoxus here.

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