Hacked PS3 3.56 Firmware Update To be Modified

Sony has began a project to address the hacked issue of the new 3.56 firmware update. Sony released the new 3.56 firmware update to keep a check on people using pirated version of the COD: Black Ops and also to stop any jailbreaking activity on the console. But to Sony’s despair and amusement, the latest 3.56 firmware was hacked in less than 24 hours and the codes for the same were made public over the internet. But, a court restraining order came to Sony’s rescue that stated that no hacked codes of Sony were to be posted online. Despite the court’s restrain, hackers were keen at hosting the codes.

Sony Inc. has apparently sent notices to the concerned persons asking them to bring the down the code posted on their websites and blogs. In the meanwhile, a new modified update is under way, although no official launch date has yet been mentioned.