Hack NOOKcolor To Install Android 2.2 Now

If you own a Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor, it is now time to turn the eReader into a full fledged tablet device. Following the successful rooting of the NOOKcolor eReader late last month, hackers have now been able to successfully port Android 2.2 to the eReader. These developers have released a demo of the hacked NOOKcolor that you can find embedded below.

If you are looking to carry out the trick yourself, we must warn you that this procedure is still pretty raw. What this means is that there is still no one tap installation procedure available as yet. Those who want to install FroYo will have to compile the OS besides carrying out a number of complicated procedures before seeing Android 2.2 installed on your NOOKcolor. It should then go without saying that this is absolutely risky and not worth carrying out unless you are a geek yourself.

Look out for the instructions here and let us know if you hit on a roadblock somewhere during the process.

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