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Palm Pre On AT&T Launching In May?

Documents submitted to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by Palm suggest that the GSM version of Palm Pre might go on sale in the US around the 10th of May.

This has been revealed by members at the PreCentral forums who have compared the dates published on the FCC documents with actual launch dates for several of Palm’s earlier launches including the original Palm Pre, Pixi and Pixi Plus.

Palm Pre launched in the US on the Sprint network back in June 2009 and has since then launched variants like the Pre Plus in both America as well as in Europe.

Palm Pre on AT&T could be a boost for the GSM carrier whose exclusive deal with the iPhone is expected to end later this year. You might remember that Ma Bell had promised during CES 2010 to carry WebOS devices by the “first half of 2010“.

[via PreCentral, Forums]

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