Group Video Calling On FaceTime Coming Soon

Apple has been taking on Skype with their new FaceTime video calling feature. In that case, it only makes sense for the company to bring in the group video calling feature that has been introduced in the latest version of Skype, right? Developers looking into the iOS firmware have stumbled upon a piece of code referencing FaceTime that reads,


What this could mean is that jailbreakers could now bring in new copies of iOS firmware that could set this function to ‘true‘ that could let jailbroken iPhone users to do group video calling from FaceTime rightaway. Anyway, it is still unclear whether Apple would bring this functionality to the iPhone anytime now. We have heard recently about the company’s plans to introduce FaceTime on the Windows and Mac platforms. Considering that the iChat tool on Mac already supports group chatting, it is possible that Apple may set this function to true on the desktop computers while retaining the two-way chat for the iPhone. What do you think?