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GPS Lock Problem On Samsung Vibrant – Fix Now Available

If you own a Samsung Vibrant, you will be aware of the GPS related problem that has affected the users since the phone launched. Apparently, the GPS radio on the phone fails to lock to a particular location many a time. And if it does, it fails to relock when the user location changes. Samsung had acknowledged the issue last month and had offered a fix soon.

Finally, the company has now announced that a fix for the GPS lock issue on Samsung Vibrant is now available for download. Affected users will need to have the Kies program installed on their device. Launching Kies will prompt the users about the update that can be installed. It is not clear whether T-Mobile shall send an OTA update to users since having them to install Kies just to fix this issue does not sound fair enough.

If you are a Samsung Vibrant user, don’t forget to write in the comments about your experience.

2 replies on “GPS Lock Problem On Samsung Vibrant – Fix Now Available”

I installed the update through Kies and it Bricked my phone. T-Mobile were reluctant to change the phone at first as they had no idea that this “udpate” had been pushed out.

I think Samsung should be ashamed of their handling of this matter. Putting a phone out that has multiple software issues that restrict basic functionality is bad enough….but pushing out updates that brick phones is outrageous.

I love the Samsung Vibrant but it’s like owning a Ferrari that runs on diesel and only has 3 wheels.

Shame on you Samsung – the manner in which you have handled the rushed release of this device makes Apple and Steve jobs appear to be positively caring!

Samsung pulled the update 2 days ago so you can’t do it anymore… And now it’s October and the GPS still doesn’t work.


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