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GPS Connectivity Bug On Samsung Vibrant/Captivate – New Fix Released

The Samsung Galaxy S has been a great phone overall and has really been one of the hot-selling smartphones in recent times. However, there has been one bug that has affected a couple of Galaxy S variants since release. Samsung Vibrant and Captivate owners have frequently complained about a bug with the device’s GPS system that occasionally disconnects or reports an inaccurate location to the user.

In September this year, we had written about a fix that was released by Samsung that was expected to resolve this issue. And it hopefully helped most users. However, if you are one of those still seeing a problem with your phone’s GPS, the company has rolled out a new guide that should help you through.

The guide takes you through a series of instructions to help you resolve the GPS bug. You can click on the links below to check them out.

Samsung Vibrant
Samsung Captivate

One reply on “GPS Connectivity Bug On Samsung Vibrant/Captivate – New Fix Released”

This is not a fix, so please stop calling it one. This is just an app that restores factory settings, and in the process does nothing to improve the GPS on the Captivate. Samsung should learn a thing or two from Apple when it comes to software.

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