Google’s Patented Book Scanning Method Revealed

Google’s book scanning process was patented way back in March of last year. However, till date, we were not able to catch it in action. An article on how the activity is being performed in a Japanese library gives us a glimpse how Google is able to achieve the following:

a. Scan the pages quickly
b. How the text near the curved middle section of the book is captured
c. What is being done to avoid page skipping and accidental capture of the hands of the book flipper

According to an article published on SciTeDaily, the books are not placed upside down as in traditional practice. They are kept facing up and two cameras photograph the two pages. Another IR ray that throws up light in a specific maze like structure captures the text near the curvature in order to ‘flatten’ it to decipher what the text might look when straight.

Google has also apparently patented a music based technology that will give a buzz every time a page is skipped or the book flippers’ hands appear inadvertently.

[via SciTechDaily]