Patent Reveals Upcoming Interface Design For Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS is one of the hottest and most awaited products for 2010. Demos of the product have already been made by Google executives. While, we do already have an idea of the basic user interfaces, a recently filed patent reveals a much deeper insight into the upcoming Google Chrome OS.

The patent which is titled “Web based user interface for selecting options” talks specifically about icon display and selection. In the patent, Google talks about the ‘cons’ of the competitor operating systems like Windows XP and Apple OS X. About Apple, Google writes

“One shortcoming is that jsdock uses inefficient algorithms for discovering that an icon is indicated or not indicated and for scaling icons. Another shortcoming is that jsdock displays each icon by scaling a single image to the appropriate size. Yet another shortcoming is that jsdock is limited to image scaling effects.”

Google claims to do away with inefficiencies in the previous Operating systems display mechanisms with their own algorithm that helps to scale image sizes differently while user works on them.

Google’s patent also reveals a minimalist UI of the Google Chrome OS window. Here is a screenshot of the same

The image is interesting because this is significantly different from the Chrome OS prototypes we have seen till now. Here is Google’s earlier demonstration of how Chrome OS will look like

What do you think? Is it possible that Google has changed their UI design? Tell us your thoughts in the comments