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Google Vs. Bing Could Be Interesting With New HTML5 Interface

Google launched its new Instant search interface this week that will see the company integrating its home page and search results page in such a way that typing keywords shall fetch results much quicker than ever before. Quite evidently, this has received a lot of rave reviews from a wide spectrum of users. However, it is not just Google that is looking at revamping the search engine interface that has been pretty much static over the past decade. Microsoft’s Bing too has been experimenting with newer interfaces – just that it has not received widespread publicity as it should have.

Earlier this year, during Apple’s WWDC conference, Microsoft demoed a new version of its Bing search engine where it has made a beautiful use of HTML5 to bring a very dynamic search engine experience. Unlike the existing interface, the new interface will make seamless transition between the various search engine sections like Web, Image, Weather, Maps, etc. The new Bing interface is expected to be launched by first quarter of next year. Check out the video below for a demo of the new Bing.

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