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Google Voice Desktop Client In The Works?

Last November, Google acquired a VoIP solutions company called Gizmo5. The acquisition seen as the way forward for the telephony service offered on Google Voice.

Of late, there are speculations that Google may use the technology acquired from Gizmo5 to launch a desktop version of Google Voice enhanced with VoIP capabilities. Hitherto, the assumption has been that Google will tend to keep the service in the cloud – much in the same way as it has done with most of its other products. There are a few applications though – like Google Talk and Chrome that are desktop based, but these are few and far between.

The speculations arise from a recently leaked copy of a desktop client for Gizmo5 which has been integrated with several Google Voice features. However, the volume of development appears minimalistic which appears to suggest that this may actually be an old prototype that has only been recently leaked.

Despite this, it will be interesting to see if we indeed end up seeing a desktop based version of Google Voice that, with all the VoIP capabilities, opens up to the rest of the world as well.

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