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Google Tablet Launching – To Run Adobe Flash

Apple and Google are on the verge of locking heads in one more segment. According to reports on the New York Times, the Mountain View based search engine giant could be working on an Android OS based tablet PC to take on the recently launched Apple iPad. With this, Apple’s iPhone OS could be up for a fight against Android OS on the wider form factor device.

Interestingly, the companies have extended their “my enemy’s enemy is my best friend” relationships to the tablet segment as well. According to the report, the Google Tablet PC may support Adobe Flash – the ubiquitous multimedia platform that Apple has termed a “dying technology” and whose exclusion has created a furore in the blogosphere. Considering that Apple’s hate for the the platform comes from Flash’s ability to let users consume from outside the iTunes store, the inclusion of the same on Google Tablet can give a huge leverage to Mountain View in its fight over Apple.

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[via NY Times]

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