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Google Streaming Search – Dynamically Generating Search Results

After Google ridiculously teasing its visitors with a bouncing balls logo and a gradually coloring grey doodle today, here is where we have finally come to – the new Google streaming search. Moving forward, the line of difference between Google home page and SERPS – the Search Engine Results Pages are blurred. As several users have already started noticing, typing a query on the Google homepage dynamically takes them to a results page where the results keep changing as you type or modify your query. According to Eric Schmidt, the company’s search engine is “already Fast..Fast Is About To Get Faster

So, the agenda of Google’s September 8 media event is already out. It will be interesting to see how the latest layout change will affect the traffic of the various websites. More importantly, it will be interesting to see how this will affect Google’s own infrastructure as searchers will seek a lot more query searches per entry compared to earlier times.

Check out the video below on how the new search engine function will work. Do you like it?

Update : The media event is scheduled to begin at 9.30 AM Pacific Time. You can catch the event live on Google’s YouTube channel here.

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