Google Phone Site To Showcase All Android Handsets

In January this year, Google announced the launch of Nexus One. Exciting as its specs were at that point, the more intriguing point was the sales channel – just one web channel where users may buy their handset from. This is now doubt a forward looking model that is likely to cut down on middlemen. However, who buys a phone without glancing through the features and having a first hand feel? Despite these, Nexus One sold quite a lot of handsets.

Quite evidently, Google feels things have not gone the way they were intended to. So, the company has now announced that the Nexus One shall hereon be moving to a conventional sales channel. The phone will be made available via the existing retail partners – as it has been in Europe.

And of the website? Google has revealed that this shall now be a view-only platform where users may surf through all the upcoming Android handsets.

Now that’s extreme reaction, G! Make the phone available across both the platforms – that is much better.

[via Google Blog]