Google Nexus Two Rumor – Is A Nexus One Successor Coming?

There is a fresh rumor doing the rounds that Google may be building a successor to their not-so-popular Google Nexus One that was launched in January of this year. According to this report which was first published in a London newspaper, the new phone will run the upcoming version of Android that is popularly known as Gingerbread. The report further states that the device will be available exclusively with CarPhone Warehouse which is an independent mobile phone retailer.

Now frankly, this rumor could be true for so many reasons. Firstly, Google Nexus One failed to impress not because of the specs, but because of the distribution strategy. Now with Google having revamped their Phone portal to talk about Android phones in general, it is likely that the company may have also worked out an alternate, more conventional distribution strategy that could be put to use. But the problem is, Google has quite categorically stated earlier this year that there will not be a Nexus One successor.