Pre-Order Nexus S In The UK Now

It was only yesterday that Best Buy had posted a clarification stating that they will not be opening up for Nexus S pre-orders and that all interested customers must line up on December 16th to secure a device. Now if you are in the UK, you have got more luck.

Carphone Warehouse, one of Google’s retail partners in the United Kingdom has announced that their stores are now open for Nexus S pre-orders. As noted already, the device will be available starting December 20 and can be purchased free of contract at a price of £549.99. Those of you looking for a subsidy can get the device free of cost along with a 2 year contract where you will be paying £35 monthly. That’s with any carrier of your choice!

Nexus S can be pre-ordered from the retail stores or from the Carphone Warehouse website link.