Google Nexus S In UK – Shipping Delayed

Looks like Carphone Warehouse hasn’t got enough units of Nexus S stocked in their stores yet. It has been announced that the shipping of the Nexus S has been delayed and the new Android 3.0 phones will now be available only from December 22. This is an issue that has affected not just online orders. Even retail purchases are likely to stay limited to only “key stores” of Carphone.

Having said that, the delay should not come as a surprise anymore considering that Carphone Warehouse had only recently announced a massive slashing of the Nexus S prices. You should be aware that the SIM-free version of the device will now cost users £429.99 instead of £549.99. Also, those users buying the phone on contract will now be allowed to sign up for contracts as low as £30 per month.

Have you got your shipment notification yet? Tell us your experience in the comments.