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Google Nexus One Wi-Fi Disconnecting Frequently?

Close to seven months after the Google Nexus One was launched to the public, we have learned what several users have been experiencing for a long time – certain Nexus One handsets appear to have issues with Wi-Fi connectivity.

According to users who have posted on the Google forums, the Wi-Fi stops working when they put a handset down and the display goes to sleep. Although the Wi-Fi disconnects, it is not technically recognized while would mean that the device does not revert to the cellular network. Users have realized that this flaw has meant there is no constant stream of Twitter or Facebook updates when the Wi-Fi disconnects and that the only way to reconnect is to disconnect and reconnect the Wi-Fi.

Google has not issued any statement in this regard so far. Are you one of those affected. Don’t forget to tell us your experience in the comments below.

6 replies on “Google Nexus One Wi-Fi Disconnecting Frequently?”

I have had a nexus (AT&T 3g) for a couple of months now and it has this issue. I thought it might have been addressed with the 2.2 update but it still disconnects from wifi when left unattended. I have set it so the screen does not sleep when plugged in but it still losses connection.
Hopefully Google will send us a “patch” to correct this issue in the future.
I love my nexus one but having to reconnect all the time is really annoying…

I have recently started observing that WiFi gets disconnected when I leave my Nexus One sitting for a while. For me, the trouble started only after I got Froyo. Don’t recollect it happening before Froyo.

The Google Android support forums are filled with reports of this problem. I have a brand new Nexus One that updated over-the-air to 2.2 and most definitely and annoyingly has this problem. Despite having set the wifi settings to never turn off, the device loses it’s wifi connection when the screen blanks. Worse, it doesn’t know that it’s lost the connection, so the icon is still on, the settings say it’s connected, etc. The only recovery is to turn wifi off, then on again and let it get an IP address. Makes the phone pretty useless if you’re expecting it to sync email, etc. unattended. (And because it thinks it has a wifi connection, it doesn’t even try the cell connection.)

I’ve had my Nexus One for less than a week (ordered directly from Google a couple of days before they shut down the direct-buy “store”). Mine behaves exactly as Rog1 reports. I can also report that podcast playing is a frustration, I suspect for the same reason (that WiFi cuts out). Once I have a podcast playing, I “turn off” the phone (pressing the power button) so that the screen turns off, saving power. As would be expected (I have an iPod touch which does this too), the podcast keeps playing after the screen goes out. But on the iPod, it keeps playing. On the Nexus One, the podcast quits perhaps fifteen seconds later.

I love the phone. It’s a terrific toy. Nice screen, nice feel to it. I’ve seen anecdotal evidence over the Web (not just on this site) that Android 2.2 reintroduced this WiFi issue and that 2.1 didn’t have it. I’m hoping that that’s the case and that the next update will fix the problem once and for all. Then I can be James Bond again (dumping this Maxwell Smart shoe phone thing once and for all).

My problem is slightly different: I had no problems whatsoever with the wifi with froyo update (workd perfectly from the day of froyo rollout until a week ago), but when I’ve changed my wifi router, this have started to happen. Although my lease time is set to forever on the router, I have noticed that even though I’ve turnd on the sync feature for the mails, after an hour or so, the wifi disappears.

I have the same exact issue as Andrew. My new router supports wireless n. Whereas the previous one does not. Could this be the cause? How about you Andrew?

I’ll try turning off the wireless n feature. And see what happpens.

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