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Nexus One Launch In India Imminent?

Around the middle of December, Googlers in Mountain View, California received a mystery device which was speculated to be the much anticipated Google Phone. Then, on January 5 – roughly two weeks later, the Nexus One was launched publicly.

Now, could that soon be happening in India. Reports are coming in that Google has seeded its employees in the Google India offices with brand new Nexus One phones. There is no word on whether these are the same as those released elsewhere. But we had heard from Google execs in the past that Google shall be selling a stripped-down version of Nexus One in India to target the domestic market.
Google Nexus One Launch in India

If speculations are true, Nexus One could be launching in India in a couple of more weeks. Earlier rumors have also pointed out that a launch in Australia looks likely this month.

[via Digital Inspiration]

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