Google Newspass Micropayment System To Launch By Year-End

Google is learned to be in talks with select content publishers over the launch of a new micropayment system called Google Newspass that will enable a one-click login system for search engine visitors to pay and access content from these publishers.

The Google Newspass system is said to be on the same lines as Facebook Credits which allows a one-click login system for social gaming. However, Google’s solution is said to be focused at media houses who have, for long, complained that their revenues from the online segment has been abysmal while third party referrers like Google have been “scraping” content off their websites to make money.

The new system is expected to offer a Google-Checkout based micropayment system that will appear beside the search engine results from these partner publishers. Publishers may choose to either allow access to content via a micropayment system or offer subscriptions.

Quite expectedly, Google has not confirmed these rumors though an Italian newspaper has revealed that the system can go live internationally by the end of this year.

[via PaidContent]