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Google Music Launch By End Of Year

The next wave of competition between the tech giants – Apple, Google and Microsoft appears to be in the area of personal entertainment. Online music streaming and downloads is very important in the scheme of things for these companies and is a segment where Apple holds a significant head start over others with their iTunes offering.

There have been reports in the past that suggested that Google could be working to bring their Google Music offering on Android 3.0 , aka Gingerbread. Now, fresh reports suggest that the new Google Music service could be launching well before the end of this year.

Google’s Android lead, Andy Rubin is said to be in “accelerated” discussions with Harry Fox Agency to get access to close to 27,000 songs on top of other deals that the company is negotiating. According to these reports, the Mountain View based tech giant could be launching the Music service as early as November of this year.

The launch of the service is believed to have taken a high priority following reports that Apple is working on a cloud-based iTunes music streaming service that will make the storage space on the users’ handsets redundant.

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