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Google Instant Makes "I'm Feeling Lucky" More Prominent

Before Google made its new Instant interface public, there were rumors that were doing the rounds that noted that Google could be removing the “I’m feeling lucky” button off the interface considering that the button had no relevance in the instantly-generated results. Not that it had any relevance earlier, but it was assumed that a search interface that dynamically took the user to the search engine results pages without stopping over at the home page had no place for the button.

However, now that the new interface has been made publicly available, it appears that Google has made the “I’m feeling lucky” feature all the more prominent. The only way for a user to hit the button on the home page is when no query is typed as yet. And when you do that, Google redirects you to the Doodles archive page.

However, the feature holds more prominence now. Google now lets users click ‘I’m feeling lucky‘ against each of the keyword suggestions. What more, you can also use up and down arrows to navigate between the different keyword suggestions and can press the right arrow to be immediately taken to the first results of the search results – the I’m feeling lucky result.

Of course, how many users will be comfortable hopping over to the first result link is still debatable. But it’s heartening to see Google bring more value to a term that was otherwise becoming redundant.

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