Google Instant – How It Works

Google’s Marissa Mayer is currently on stage at the company’s media event launching the new streaming search engine. Revealing that the bouncing balls logo was in fact a teaser to today’s announcement, Mayer has said that the new launch – Google Instant – would make search fast, fun and interactive.

You may know what Google Instant is from the outset – It’s a dynamic generation of search results even as you type queries. According to Mayer, this is much beyond simple ‘search as you type’. Here are some new things Google has introduced in the new Google Instant that will make searching quicker

  • Search results even as you being typing on home page
  • User doesn’t have to press ‘Enter’ to complete a search. Hit ‘Tab’ to complete a word
  • Use UP and DOWN arrows to move between queries
  • The new format does not search after the user enters a word. Instead, the system searches before you type by auto-completing a query and generating the corresponding results. Of course, the results will change if you do not enter the keyword that Google intended

The new technology will be available on IE 8, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. It will roll out to all users through the day. Google expects the new technology to save 2 to 5 seconds per query.