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Google Finalizes Deal With Danish Royal Library For Books Digitization Project

Google has recently entered into a partnership with Denmark’s Royal library to digitize nearly 1.6 million copies of books for scanning. The move comes after the decision by Royal Library to preserve their literary history through digitization could not be wholly sponsored by the Danish Government.

According to the Library Curator, Erland Kolding Nielsen, the Danish government could only offer 7 million Kroners for the project when the estimated cost of digitization was over 500 million.

Google which has already been in the process of digitization has been chosen as a viable partner who will fit the library’s needs. According to Nielsen, the move was inevitable considering the recent dominance of English in the internet age and such digitization would help preserve their culture. Nielsen says

“I believe Danish culture and Danish material on the web would disappear in the Anglo-Saxon deluge. Our language would shrink even more from sight”

[via IceNews]

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