Google Chrome Not Saving Permanent Cookies?

I’ve been a loyal Google Chrome user for quite sometime now and though I am largely satisfied, there has been one issue of late that had kept me annoyed – Websites that I wanted to remember my info and automatically log me in no longer seemed to be working. Now this is just a minor problem. But since I was able to solve it, I thought it fit to offer my solution here.

1. Firstly, from the Google Chrome browser page, click on the ‘Tools‘ button and select ‘Options

Google Chrome Cookies

2. From the ‘Google Chrome Options‘ windows, click ‘Under the Hood‘ and ‘Content Settings

Google Chrome Cookies

3. From the ‘Content Settings‘ window, check the option that reads, “Clear cookies and other site data when I close my browser

Google Chrome Cookies

4. Click ‘Close‘ and restart the browser

5. From the Tools option, once again navigate to ‘Options’ -> ‘Under the Hood’ -> ‘Content Settings’ and uncheck the “Clear cookies..” option. If the “Allow local data to be set” option is not selected, select the option and close the window.

This should solve the issue.