Google Bouncing Balls & Grey Logo – End Of ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’?

Yesterday, there were reports about visitors in the UK and the rest of Europe noticing a new mysterious Google doodle – bouncing balls that did not mean anything. No, it was not Google’s birthday and there was no on-hover message that Google normally uses to explain the significance of doodles. We assumed the logo to be linked to Google’s search engine announcements lined up for today.

As some commenters have pointed out, the logo seems to have now spread to users in USA as well. No mention about the doodle significance yet. But from what several sources tell, the new look logo is indeed a prelude to today’s announcements. But it is not about Google Goggles as earlier predicted.

According to Gawker, Google could be announcing a new search engine results format that could be displaying results dynamically even as you type in the query. If you have been following the space, you would be aware that this feature was being tested not so long ago. Gawker speculates that the appearance of dynamic results would mean the ‘I’m feeling lucky‘ could prove to be redundant and so it could be scrapped. The button, which took users to the first result for a search has anyway been considered a redundant feature though Google has retained it in all its earlier iterations.

This is however speculation for the moment. Besides, it is not clear if Google would actually offer dynamic results on its homepage – something that has never been done till now. Also, it is here that the the ‘I’m feeling lucky‘ button resides and so you may feel secure about this as of now!

Meanwhile, users have now been noticing that the bouncing balls have been replaced with a grey Google icon that changes its color as you type in the results. The hype is definitely in the air.

Google Doodle

[via Gawker]