Google Android On the Rise, Overtakes Apple

In an earlier news, we reported that the Google OS has overtaken Nokia’s Symbian to become the world’s most popular phone OS. A dotcom report which was released yesterday suggests the same trend in the US market with Goolge leaping past everyone else in the smartphone business except America’s favourite smartphone – RIM’s Blackberry. But, Goolge is definitely closing in on RIM as well.

While the market share of Android as far (as the smartphone market was concerned) in the third quarter of 2010 was 21.4 percent, it has risen up to 28.7 percent by the end of the fourth quarter. As far as Apple is concerned, they only managed to post an increase of 0.7 percent finishing at 25 percent share by the end of the quarter. Blackberry on the other hand, has come down from 37.3 percent to 31.6 percent, a considerable fall for the giant.

So for now, Android can maintain the lead over Apple. But iPhone 4 on Verizon can sure turn the tables around for Apple.