Google To Slow Down Android Development

Google has been working at such a frenetic pace on its operating system that it has started to hurt rather than help. Most Android users have been hit by the need to delay purchases anticipating a better upgrade, so much so that manufacturers are seeing slower than anticipated sale for their devices.

While shifting the upgrades to the market rather than pushing it through the carriers seems to be a logical move, we are also hearing that Google has been contemplating a move to break the pace of upgrades. This move apparently though is not just forced from a business perspective. We also hear that it is because the platform itself shall be reaching a maturity stage by the time Froyo and GingerBread launch.

With this, Google will be focusing more on the API and components part of Android rather than the operating system itself. I think it is a very clever move to make customers, partners and the company happy. What do you think?

[via Engadget]