Google Adwords Completes Ten Years

Google is the largest search engine on the web. But what makes it a tech giant is its ability to monetize this traffic and that is thanks to Adwords. The company has announced that Google Adwords is ten years today. In an email message sent to advertisers, Google has noted,

“Just ten years ago, a small team added the phrase ‘See your ad here’ alongside our search results. A few minutes later, the first AdWords customer placed an ad for live mail-order lobsters.

Ten years and billions of ads later, we want to mark AdWords’ 10th birthday by thanking you for advertising with us. We hope you enjoy this small token of our appreciation, a personalized video just for you”

Check out the video here.

It’s no doubt a momentous occasion not just for Google, but for the internet as a whole. Given that a lot of web properties, including GoRumors, make significant chunk of their revenues from Google advertisements, it is difficult to imagine how much internet would have grown had Google not nurtured the ecosystem with Adwords.