How To Remove Sidebar In Google Search

Earlier this week, Google rolled out its new search engine interface that has quite a few additions. Among the most annoying additions is the always-on left hand sidebar that offers links to Image search, News search, etc.

Hate that sidebar? Want to go back to the older interface where the sidebar was an option? Follow these steps below

Step 1 : This trick will only work on Google Chrome. Click here to download and install Google Chrome web browser.

Step 2 : On the right hand top corner of the browser, click on the ‘Spanner‘ icon. This is the tools option. Here select ‘Options

Step 3 : Under the ‘Basics‘ tab, you will find an option called ‘Default Search‘. Click on ‘Manage‘ against this text

Search engine default

Step 4 : You will find a list of search engines listed. Click on ‘Add‘ option on the right

Step 5 : In the ‘Add Search Engine‘ field, enter the following details

Name : Google Old (can be modified to text of your choice)
Keyword : (preferred to keep it this way)
URL : {google:baseURL}search?hl=all&sourceid=chrome&ie={inputEncoding}&q=%s (do not change anything here)

Add Search Engine

Press Ok once done

Step 6 : You will now find the ‘Google Old‘ search engine listed in the list of ‘Other Search Engines‘. Click once on the text and select the ‘Make Default’ option

Step 7 : You are done. Please however note that this option will not work if you visit directly. Instead, you may directly type the search query on the Chrome address bar and the results shall be displayed on the older search interface.

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