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Gmail Call Phone Users Seeing “Cannot Complete Your Call” Error

Google introduced a nice little feature late last month. The new ‘Call Phone‘ service was integrated with the chat widget on Gmail and allowed users to directly place a call to family and friends over the browser. What is interesting is that the service offers free voice calls inside USA and Canada with pretty cheap call rates to users elsewhere. The service is still being rolled out in a phased manner to users inside USA.

However, many users have been complaining that they are frequently noticing an error that reads “Cannot Complete Call” that stalls the phone calling process. According to Google, this is a known bug that the company is working on.

There is a workaround if you are eager to get started in the meanwhile – by upgrading your Google Voice account to a full account. Doing so will help you circumvent the prevalent bug until that is resolved. To upgrade your Google Voice account,

  • Click the ‘Call Phone‘ button from the Gmail chat list
  • The Call Phone window will display your current balance. Clicking on this link and further select ‘History‘ or ‘Add Credit
  • You will be taken to your Google Voice account. Here, click on ‘Upgrade your account‘ button
  • Complete the steps required to upgrade.

You are done. You will no longer see the ‘Cannot complete call‘ bug.

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