Google Nexus One Running Android 2.3 Spotted In Google Voice Search Demo Video

Gingerbread has really been taking a long time coming and with very little info available right now on what this next generation OS could look like, the anticipation level among Android users has been growing like crazy. Now thanks to a new Google video update, we seem to know about some features on this upcoming OS.

Google Hong Kong had recently made a video demonstration of the Google Voice Search application on an Android device – presumably a Nexus One. Eagle eyed viewers have pointed out that the demo could have been carried out on an Android 2.3 phone. Some new features that one may notice in the video are some new icons on the black status bar on the top of the screen, a modified launcher bar at the bottom and new options like ‘Related‘ and ‘Similar‘ on the app description page of Android market.

Interestingly, Google has pulled the video since these revelations came to light. Nevertheless, here’s a mirror video from Engadget that you can find embedded below.