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Get Zune Pass Free For Three Months With Windows Phone 7 Pre-Order

If you are a voracious music listener, then this offer is something that is a pretty good deal for someone looking to purchase a new phone. As you know, Microsoft announced their new Windows Phone 7 operating system. Now, the company has offered a free three month Zune Pass subscription offer to anyone who pre-orders one of these WP 7 handsets.

What you will need to do is visit this link to be notified of upcoming pre-orders. Once you are notified of one, you may go ahead and place an order in order to receive this free three month Zune Pass. A big disclaimer here – this offer works only for users in the United States.

The offer is not a pretty bad deal. Zune Pass costs $14.99 a month and lets you stream an unlimited number of music from any web browser besides getting an opportunity to store up to 10 songs a month. If you love music, this is a pretty good bargain.

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