Get TiVo Premiere For Free With New Monthly Fee

Planning to get a TiVo Premiere for home? You can now get the basic hardware for free if you are willing to go on a contractual obligation for two months. According to the new plans announced by the company, the TiVo Premiere hardware can be acquired for “free” by signing up for a two year agreement that will entail you to spend $20 a month as monthly fee. Alternately, you can also pick up the device for $99 in case you feel a two year commitment is too long. In that case, the agreement is for one year. The third alternative is to pay up $299.99 upfront and pay $12.95 a month.

There are also similar plans in the offing for other products. TiVo Premiere XL is now available with a one-year contract where you can pick up the device for $299.99 and pay $19.99 monthly or $499.99 at a monthly fee of $12.95.

You can check out more details about the new plans and also choose to buy an offering from the TiVo website here.

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