Get Free Smartphone On Best Buy Mobile Through December

If you are contemplating a smartphone purchase this holiday season, don’t forget to check out this new offer from Best Buy Mobile. The mobile specialty store division of Best Buy has announced a new offer that will let you get hold of a new smartphone for free from one of the Best Buy Stores or online from the company website.

According to a media statement, Best Buy will feature a minimum of four different smartphones in this offer all through December that users can pick up for $0. Of course, this will still require you to sign up for a contract period. But if you are looking at saving those $200 odd bucks, this is definitely a good option.

Most of the devices on offer at the moment are Android phones. Best Buy makes special mention of Droid Incredible, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, LG Optimus S and LG Optimus T in their release. If you want to check out the deal for today, you can also check out their website here.

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