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Get Cheaper Zune Pass Subscription With New Annual Contract

Microsoft has introduced a new 12 month subscription plan for Zune Pass that effectively brings down the overall monthly cost that subscribers pay for the service. What more, with this new subscription plan, Microsoft now offers a better deal for music lovers with Zune Pass than Pandora does with their own offering.

Let’s look into it now. Until now, Microsoft Zune Pass was available at two price points – the $14.99 plan for 1 month subscription and the $44.97 plan for a 3 month subscription. Each of these plans provides unlimited music downloads with the ability to keep 10 songs for yourselves for each month of subscription. Assuming the price per song to be $0.99, these plans will give you $120 worth of songs in a year where the total cost would come out to be close to $180. That makes the annual cost of Zune Pass subscription alone $60.

The new annual subscription offer is provided at $149.90. With the 10 songs per month offer still holding true, the subscription cost now stands at a mere $30 a year when Pandora still costs the user $36 a year.

What do you think? Does this make the Zune Pass subscription all the more attractive?

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