Get A Free LG Ally With New Kin TWOm – MS Kin Relaunched

The Microsoft Kin One and Two phones were expected to make waves among the teenagers. But the phones disappeared without a ripple and according to some analysts, the sale numbers hardly crossed four digits. The ridiculous data pricing was blamed by many as the reason why these phones never took off among the target group.

But these phones are back with an extra ‘m‘. The new Kin ONEm and TWOm are basically the same as the earlier models except that they come with more reasonable pricing plans. Kin ONEm will cost you $19.99 while Kin TWOm will be priced at $49.99. As you read in the title, Kin TWOm buyers also win a free LG Ally handset with that purchase. Speaking about the monthly plans, voice begins at $39.99 per month while data starts at $9.99 (with 25MB data cap). And yes, there is also an activation fee of $35.

While this is still not too cheap, at least Verizon should be able to sell a bit more than they did last time. At least, that’s the hope.