Genius MousePen M508/W Tablet Price And Features Unveiled

Genius has launched two new tablet computers in the MousePen series that will bring new level of computing to your workspace. Both the Genius MousePen tablets will come with a 5″x8″ workspace area where the user can perform their tasks. The computer also comes with 13 customizable virtual keys that can be programmed to carry out specific tasks. Besides this, the device also comes with 4 physical buttons that can be configured for customized use as well. The tablet has more dedicated control options that will help you in managing the brush attributes, zooming and scrolling.

The tablet screen is equipped with a 4000 LPI resolution display that can be controlled with the bluetooth connected pen. The pen operates on the screen at a 1024 level pressure sensitivity.

Genius MousePen M508 is the wired version of the tablet and costs $149. The alternate Genius MousePen M508W is wireless and costs $199.