Garmin GPS App For iPhone And Blackberry Launching

There used to be a time when GPS apps were one of the most expensive and profitable applications on the smartphone marketplace. With the proliferation of Android devices that come with free GPS alternatives, that may no longer be the case. But that doesn’t mean the GPS software makers are out of business. The companies have still been adopting to the new market environment by making applications for these smartphone platforms.

Garmin is now revealed to be making new applications for the iOS and Blackberry platforms. The apps are expected to be offered as free downloads and these new PND applications is expected to be made available on the iPhone App Store and Blackberry App World shortly.

Meanwhile, Garmin has also inked an exclusive deal with Asus for the Android platform. The partnership will mean that Asus will hold rights to complete branding and distribution of Garmin’s PND downloads on the Android platform. Of course, this deal will not affect Garmin’s plans for the other smartphone platforms like the iOS and Blackberry OS.