Free Wi-Fi Calling On T-Mobile G2?

An internal training slide from T-Mobile has provided us some interesting information on a Wi-Fi calling option that could be made available on future T-Mobile Android handsets, including the T-Mobile G2. According to the document, the free Wi-Fi calling application on T-Mobile Android phones will allow users to make VoIP calls, in much the same way as they do from Skype, to friends and family members. The document notes that not all Android phones will have this option and the functionality shall be restricted to work with only a few phones. The VoIP client is reportedly named “Wi-Fi calling without hand-off“.

While this is an interesting addition, it is no good than other free alternatives available. From what we hear, the Wi-Fi calling shall not make a seamless transition to plain voice calling when the users moves out of a Wi-Fi zone. That is definitely not the ideal choice but given that this is going to come pre-installed, expect a lot of users to adopt to this new application soon.

One reply on “Free Wi-Fi Calling On T-Mobile G2?”

Both the WiFi calling and tethering features are easy to setup and use, but they are definitely NOT FREE.

Upon activating WiFi calling, you get a message in the notification bar that says, “WiFi calling uses plan minutes.” Question 6 in the “Top Questions” or FAQs ( Will calls or SMS/MMS over Wi-Fi be charged differently than m cellular calls?” is answered as follows:
“The primary benefit of Wi-Fi calling is to increase your coverage in locations with Wi-Fi. Calls and messages made over Wi-Fi will be charged like cellular calls.”

Not sure how I feel about being charged by T-Mo for letting them use a WiFi network I own so that it can deliver a service it’s already supposed to be delivering. In any case, it may be a good thing for folks with spotty coverage, but not a cost savings for the rest of us.

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