Free MobileMe Account With iOS 4.2 May Be Rolling Out

Apple may be rolling out free MobileMe accounts to iPhone users with the imminent rollout of iOS 4.2. This possibility has been uncovered by folks at MacRumors who were able to dig into some warnings and notifications hidden in the latest GM build of iOS 4.2. These error messages also give us an indication that the free MobileMe service may be restricted to certain models of iPhone or iPod Touch.

Free MobileMe account

It is further known that Apple has created a new AppleAccounts framework that confirms earlier speculations that the company could be rolling out a consolidated login method moving forward. Additionally, it is also being rumored that the roll-out of a free MobileMe service could be the beginning of over-the-air updates for iOS.

Android users have for long enjoyed the easy OTA update for new OS releases. Apple users, on the other hand, have had to contend with tethered updates over iTunes. The rollout of a free MobileMe account to all iOS devices could mark the onset of OTA iOS updates as well.