First Jailbreak Apps For Windows Phone 7 Roll Out

Just a week after we first heard about developers starting to get successful at jailbreaking the new kid on the smartphone block – Windows Phone 7 – comes the news that the first WP7 app for jailbroken handsets has now been developed. This application is courtesy Kevin Marshall; a Windows Phone 7 developer. Marshall has created an application that is a rudimentary copy of the Augmented reality based Google Goggles app. It uses information pulled from the camera into a publicly-available Silverlight toolkit to render information on to real-world objects.

A similar functionality is already available on LG Optimus 7 phone. However, the tools necessary to build such an app is not available for third party developers. Consequently, similar apps can be installed only after a jailbreak.

Check out a demo of this app in the video embedded below

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