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Firefox App For iPhone Not Coming, Says Mozilla

If you are one of those loyal Firefox users, then here’s some bad news. Mozilla Firefox is not coming to the iPhone anytime now. This is despite the fact that Apple has eased its earlier restrictions on the kind of third party apps that they would approve for the App Store. In a recent statement, Mozilla has said,

“We are working to bring as much of your Firefox experience as possible to Firefox Home. People have asked about adding more browser-like features to Firefox Home, but there are technical and logistical restrictions that make it difficult, if not impossible, to build the full Firefox browser for the iPhone. We are focused on building Firefox Home as a rich, cloud-based application and making it a valuable product that people will continue to love and use.”

So, there you go. Mozilla has not refused to build a full fledged browser out of any strategic reasons. Instead, it appears to be technical; at least for the moment. Of course, Firefox Home app for iPhone will give you a good browsing experience given its integration with the Firefox platform. But in case you are looking for an iPhone app that’s better than the native Mobile Safari on the iPhone, then you could probably check out Opera Mini. That’s your best bet for now.

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