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Farmville No Longer Facebook’s Most Popular Application

Farmville, the popular game from Zynga, has for long been synonymous with social gaming on Facebook. The application at one point clocked nearly 84 million users a month making it the most popular application on the social network – a position that the app has held for over fifteen months.

That has finally ended as we learn that Farmville has finally dropped to the number 2 place in the popularity rankings. Phrases, another Facebook app that lets users build DIY quizzes and trivia has now risen on to the top spot.

Interestingly, this rise to the top has been more so due to the decline in popularity of Farmville than anything else. The Zynga game currently has around 53.9 million monthly players that is merely two-thirds of what Farmville boasted during its days of peak popularity. Phrases is noted to now have 54.3 million users.

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