Facebook USA – Contradictory Reports On Growth And Usage

There have been two reports on Facebook in the past 24 hours that offer some very contradicting pictures of the growth of the popular social network in the North American region.

According to a report published by Lightspeed Research, Americans are getting increasingly obsessed with the social network with 34% of American women between the age of 18-35 accessing their profile first thing in the morning. 20% of users surveyed admitted to looking into their network during the night with another 26% admitting to have woken up in the middle of the night to read text messages.

However, this study is not endorsed by another study from reputed Facebook news blog, Inside Facebook. The website has reported that Facebook lost close to 250,000 regular American users between 18-44 years in just the month of June. However, analysts point out that the report could as well be a blip in measurements or a seasonal fluctuation that may correct itself moving forward.

Nevertheless, Facebook observers will be keenly pinning their focus on July measurements to see if any pattern emerges.

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