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Facebook Toolbar To Offer Social Networking On Third Party Websites

Facebook wants you to network and connect from anywhere and everywhere. A report on TechCrunch notes that the company is working on an AJAX based toolbar that will let third party developers to bring social networking features into their websites.

Like the popular Meebo bar, Facebook’s toolbar will reside at the bottom of the page and will let users to share, like pages that they visit and also allow chat with friends from third party websites.

What’s the point? TechCrunch writes that Facebook wants to expand to all websites thereby making it ubiquitous. Plus, the company could also plan on monetizing these toolbars with ads though that is unlikely to come during launch.

I would just hate cluttering the site with the toolbar. It could also make the site clunky. But if Facebook toolbar’s the order of the day, everyone of us might be moving towards that.

[via TechCrunch]

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