How Many Mothers Are On Facebook? Here Are The Numbers

Is your mom already on Facebook? According to the latest report from eMarketer, there is a 69% possibility if she is an internet user in the United States. The report provides some really interesting numbers that show that the number of online moms who access Facebook will grow from 62% in 2010 to well over 73% in 2013. In absolute terms, this means a rise of nearly 4 million users from 20.6 million to 24.5 million. What do these numbers mean? Click on the arrow on the top of this article to read more.

There were 20.6 million online moms in the US who were on Facebook. This constitutes 62% of all mom internet users. Do note that the definition of mom is restricted to women with children under 18 in the household. So what this means is that your grandma joining Facebook does not count in these numbers.

What is also interesting is that nearly 3.5 million online moms today use social networks other than Facebook. This brings the total number of American social networking mothers in 2011 to 26.5 million. In percentage terms, that is 79.2% of all internet using mothers.

Online moms on social networks statsSo what percentage of US Facebook users are moms? According to the study, the answer is 17.4%. This translates to 17.9% of all US social network users. Mothers will however shrink in percentage terms over the next two years as eMarketer predicts that by 2013, only 16.1% of all US Facebook users will be moms while they will make up 17.1% of the US social networking population.