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Facebook Insights Taking On Google Analytics

As part of its Open Graph API project, Facebook is learnt to be developing an Insights product that can serve as a handy analytics tool for developers. This could be the next big area where Facebook could be taking on Google which is pretty popular with its Analytics tool.

To use this, developers will need an API key. With an API key, various events may be tracked with basic API calls. AllFacebook quotes an instance of the API call

api_key: ‘YOUR_API_KEY’,
} );

Using the Facebook Insights feature, developers will be able to track virtually all activities of users including simple events such as ‘Like’ a message or other robust activities on their website.

There is not enough information on whether Facebook is building a platform similar to Google Analytics for developers to visit and track their visitor activities. However, that seems to be a very likely proposition.

[via AllFacebook]

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