Can’t Like Or Comment On Facebook? You’re Not Alone

The AllFacebook blog is reporting about what appears to be a bug affecting a small section of users on Facebook. According to what is reported, several users are noticing an issue with not being able to ‘like‘ or ‘comment‘ on Facebook posts. Status messages from friends displayed on the profile pages of these users simply do not have these options. Considering that the bug has been noticed by users since early yesterday, we assume that Facebook has been working on it, or probably even fixed it by now.

However, not all issues appear to have been resolved. Some users claim that while new updates do not seem to have this problem, those messages posted during the time the bug occurred still seem to be missing the like and comment options. Other users seem to be noting old updates – those as old as a month – appearing on the profiles now.

Are you noticing similar problems?

5 thoughts on “Can’t Like Or Comment On Facebook? You’re Not Alone”

  1. I know this story was back in September but this started happening to me last night – 12/11/12 and continues sporadically. What can I do???

  2. It started happening to me too yesterday….any way to resolve. I can log on using my PC and everything works but can’t like, comment or share using my ipad 2 …. Will let me do like or comment on most recent news feed post but tat is all????

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