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Explicit Apps Back On App Store?

Lots of Apple stories today.

Few weeks back, Apple stunned app developers by deleting all iPhone apps with sexual content overnight. No reasons given for those apps, some of which had existed since the time App Store came to town. Phil Schiller, the head of Apple’s worldwide product marketing did however put the blame on “parents” and “women” who had found these apps unpalatable.

In short, Apple wanted to “cleanse” the App Store. The period of abstinence has been short-lived, however. Folks at MacStories have noticed a couple of iTunes pages that indicate that such apps could be making a come-back – this time on a separate category aptly titled, “Explicit software“. According to these reports, there could be one separate explicit section for iPad users as well.

Apple app store explicit apps section

I just wonder if Apple could have done away with all the negative PR that it so fondly accumulates with regards to the App Store by bringing in this section straightaway instead of letting the app developers wander in the wilderness for a month and now promising to get their apps back.

[via MacStories]

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